New Product Development

Concept and Design Consultancy

We deliver a manufacturing focused design process. We can help your ideas become fully formed concepts, grounded in our experience of own brand success and our knowledge of the retail sector.

Digital Product Design

We can turn your concepts into digital designs and 3D concepts, ready to be presented to prospective buyers or supplied to our trusted manufacturers to prepare for the production of your idea.

3D Printing and Rapid Prototyping

With close partnerships with the leading prototype agencies in China and London. We guide our clients through the necessary steps to create their prototypes to present to customers or as proof of concept.

Patent and Intellectual Protection

Working alongside our patent attorneys, we can provide full guidance on patents, trademarks, registered designs and copyright.

Tooling / Moulding

We have a consistent record of high quality tooling and moulding to ensure the replication of your product design on mass, maintaining your creation as intended.

Product Compliance Support

We work alongside the world’s leading independent laboratories to provide guidance on compliance for your market and full certification to evidence the safety of your product.

Ethical Responsibility Guidance

We take ethical trading to heart and will always look to provide guidance on how to ensure your product is as socially responsible as it can be. We understand the importance of commercially viable costs and will work with you to design your product as sustainably as possible.