Fabrics & Garments

How we can help

The Tiger Global UK team act as your link to garment manufacturing worldwide, whether this be sportswear from Turkey, accessories across Pakistan or design from Dongguan fashion hubs in China. We provide a complete service from concept creation through to delivery, removing the risk and barriers to manufacturing for our clients.


We understand that all fashion success stories start with a concept. We can help with your pattern making, sample production and alterations to create pieces on brand and quality.


Delivering premium and successful product is in the detail, our team can walk you through material sourcing, compliance testing and tooling. The ability to consistently replicate quality can make all the difference to the success of a garment.


Moving to international manufacturing can be made for many reasons. We understand the key drivers here including pricing and scalability and work alongside manufacturers that can deliver quality product at competitive pricing with the ability to grow as you do.

Identity and Range

Whether through photography, digital brand development or progressing your range in to new garment categories, we can support the brand position and identity of your range and support its growth.