Social Responsibility & Ethical Supply

Through our responsible product sourcing policies and our product solutions, we believe in a manufacturing and retail world driven by sustainable choices. Our team in London and Shanghai are highly experienced in all aspects of product compliance and auditing, working alongside our supply chain partners to deliver product from ethically responsible manufacturers.

We understand that in the majority of consumer product manufacturing, real people will form part of the production process. We believe that all consumer product companies and consumers are responsible for ensuring these people are respected in the workplace and their quality of life is not negatively impacted by our product enjoyment.

Alongside our work with third party auditing such as BSCI, ICTI and SEDEX, we ensure all manufacturers adhere to our ethical purchasing and anti-slavery policies.

We provide expert consultancy across the entire supply chain to ensure our partners make responsible decisions whilst remaining competitive in their industry. Whether this be through Forest Stewardship Council packaging, ‘closed-loop’ recyclable product materials or carbon neutral shipping, we look to remain at the forefront of ethical third party manufacturing and fulfilment.

We firmly believe that consumer products can improve our world through their ethical delivery and consumer experience whilst still delivering profitability.

We collaborate with our clients to help promote the understanding of the brand value in sustainable product supply.