Virgin Pure

The Brief

Benchmarking on the best water bottle in the market, provide Virgin Pure with a bottle that delivers on both brand and function.

Deliver a solution that is sustainable and socially responsible, helps consumers eliminate their disposable bottle waste and is aesthetically and ergonomically outstanding.

The Solution

Understanding that the key drivers here were key to ensuring an aesthetically and functionally premium product whilst ensuring that Virgin Pure’s position on sustainability was maintained. The solution needed to be price competitive to allow for giveaway events and premium enough in design to allow for retail sales. The product needed to be ethically sound and scalable to allow for the sustained growth of the brand.


Tiger Global developed an ergonomic grip bottle from Tritan co-polyester to strike the best balance between consistent manufacturing and socially responsible materials. Tritan co-polyester is BPA, BPS and any other bisphenol free. It is free of estrogenic and androgenic activity. `Manufacturing was carried out in a SEDEX 4 pillar A grade manufacturer and shipping materials were produced from Forest Stewardship Commission approved sources.